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As an innovative enterprise supported by the state, Hengsen has been committed to the development and improvement of products for more than 20 years. Our company mainly produces HVAC,pipe fitting and refrigeration fitting. Only by constantly innovating, constantly updating and improving products, can we always stand at the leading position in the industry. Up to now, Hengsen has obtained a number of product patent certificates and won provincial and national innovation awards for many times.


Hengsen has been committed to the product research and development of the balance between quality and environmental protection, on the premise of not affecting the use and quality of products, to improve the structure.While saving the raw materials, we also constantly develop new functions, to achieve a product multi-purpose that greatly improve the cost performance of the product and reduce use energy.


Every product of Hengsen, from raw material procurement, drawing design, production and production to product testing, goes through layers of checks to ensure high precision and high quality. In addition, Hengsen also has a national professional certification of the national laboratory, with the professional ability to test product quality. To ensure the absolute safety and long service life of the products in the process of use.


Hengsen is committed to providing professional services to all customers, quality first, customer first. For each customer to provide exclusive customer service, from the production of products to packaging, every step to provide detailed details. Each product comes with a one-year after-sales service and free technical support.

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