Hengsen DDF-N series Motorized valve

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What does DDF-K do?

DDF-N series motorized valve are available for controlling the central air conditioning and heating system's opening and closing tocontrol the room temperature. The control valve is driven by the

unidirectional hysteresis synchronous motor and adopts spring reset. The actuator is normally closed when it doesn't work. If it needs to work, the thermostat will provide a signal of opening, and then the actuator will get the power to work. Opening the valve, the cold and hot water will come into the fan coil to provide the cold or hot air. When the set temperature is achieved, the thermostat will cut off the actuator 's power, and then the reset spring can close the valve to stop the water flow into the coil. So the room temperature is always maintained within the set range by

thevalve's opening and closing.

Product Features

◆ Body material: forged brass

◆ Stem material: stainless steel

◆ Sealing material: nitrile rubber (NBR)

◆ Working medium:cold/hot water

◆ Fluid temperature:2-94℃

◆ Pressure:1.6MPa

◆ Ambient temperature:0-65 C℃ maximum relative humidity is no dew

◆ Travel time:11~15 seconds

◆ Motor torque: >800gf.cm

Product Features

●For high-rise buildings, a reduction valve should be used on the bottom branch.

●The, motor housing should prevent water from seeping in. So when the valve is installed, the actuator must not be under the pipe.

●When the valve is mounted on a vertical pipe, the motor housing must be protected from dripping.

●Manual lever; When the manual lever is slowly,moved along the arrow and pressed into the notch, the valve is normally open. Whenever the current passes through the motorized valve for the first time, the manual lever is reset to the automatic position.

●If the actuator is not pre-installed on the valve body, when installing, first push the operating lever along the arrow direction into the lower groove, press the black button on the drive, put it on the valve body and release it, then it can be installed. Repeat the above steps if you need to disassemble.

●Note: The direction of water flow should be the same as the arrow on the valve body; the actuator should not be used as the fulcrum of force during installation.