Hengsen 2-WAY High Temperature Cast Brass Motorized Valve

OEM/ODM Service

International Standard

Large flow regulation mode

High Quality Raw Materials

What does DDF-Z do?

DDF-Z-J series cast brass valve can adjust the flow of cold/hot water after it matched with DFQ-J series motor actuator.It is widely used in the liquid control system such as the central air-conditioning,heating, water disposal,industry processing and so on.

Product Features

◆ Stem seal: four layer V type O nitrile rubber seals,PTFE envelope

◆ Stem material: stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10

◆ Valve core: brass or stainless steel

◆ The rest of the parts are brass

◆ Nominal pressure(PN): 1.6MPa

◆ Working medium: water,fluid temperature 5-95℃

◆ Valve leakage: less than 0.05% of KVs

Product Features

◆ Hengsen brass motorized valve series, using high quality brass as raw material, in line with international standards, can meet the needs of most industries.

◆ Our company produces supporting drivers that can reduce the cost of customer use.

◆ The valve has the function of automatic differential pressure balance, which can guarantee the safety of the product in the process of use, and greatly extend the service life of the product.