DGQF series Motorized Ball Valve

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What does DGQF Series do?

DQF-G series motorised ball valves are available for terminal waterway control . Thermostat control the motorised actuator,and the reversing motor drive the valve ON/OFF to make the medium current or disconnected,and make the fan coil blow to control the temperature automaticly.The valve combines dynamic and filter.It can adjusts the water flow,

blance the pressre . And t he va ve is equipped with temperature testing interface.

Product Features

◆ Easy installation and cost saving.

◆Closing tightly and having a great differential pressure.

◆Integrated with the filter, filter the medium impurities effectively.

◆Integrated with balance valve, available to balance pressure levels.

Integrated with the filter and balance valve, small installation space,low cost, and convenient          maintaining.

Product Features

◆Main material: forging brass body, seal PTFE 、EPDM

◆ Actuator torque: 2N.m

◆ Valve opening torque: <1N.m

◆Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa

◆ Working medium: cold, hot water, concentration of <50% ethylene glycol solution

◆Medium temperature 5~95℃

◆ Stem size: 9x9mm