DQF-F*DQQ-E2 Series Motorised Ball Valve

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What does DQF-B*DQQ-E2 Series do?

Motorised ball valves are available for terminal waterway control . Thermostat control the motorised ball valve actuator,and the actuator motor drive the valve ON/OFF to make the medium flow or disconnected, and the fan coil blow at the same time to control the temperature automaticly.

Product Features

◆ Unique conical inlet design, achieving accurate percentage flow control characteristics

◆Simple runner design, not easily jammed, more safe and reliable

◆ High flow capacity, low resistance loss

◆ Ultra-quiet flow channel design ensures a quiet working environment

◆ High cut-off pressure, high pressure rating

◆Equipped with manual switch and opening indicator

◆ Equipped with pressure sensor interface

Product Features

◆Workinging temperature: 2-94℃

◆Pressure grade:PN16 or PN25

◆Medium: cold and hot water, ethylene glycol solution ≤50%

◆Connection: flange

◆ Connection standard: GB/T 17241.6

◆Close differential pressure: 400Kpa

◆Flow characteristics: equal percentage characteristic curve

◆Leakage rate: control path ≤0.01%KVS

◆Adjustment: Angle stroke 90°


  Valve body: ductile cast iron QT450-10

  Seat: PTFE

  Valve ball: stainless steel

  Valve shaft: Hpb58-2

  Seal: EPDM