DQF-G Motorised Ball Valve

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What does DQF-G Series do?

DDF-G series motorised ball valves are available for terminal waterway control. Thermostat control the motorised ball valve actuator,and the actuator motor drive the valve ON/OFF to make the medium flow or disconnected, and the fan coil blow at the same time to control the temperature automaticly.

Product Features

◆ Easy installation and cost saving.

◆Closing tightly and having a great differential pressure.

◆ Water flow smoothly and it won't be blocked by slag. KVS value is much larger than common         2-  way valve.

◆ Valve opens sofety to guard effectively against water hammer.

Product Features

◆Main material: forging brass body, seal PTFE / HNBR

◆ Actuator torque: 3.5N.m

◆ Valve opening torque: <1N.m

◆Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa

◆ Working medium: water

◆Fluid temperature 5~95℃