DQQ-G series Motorised Ball Valve Actuator

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What does DQQ-G series do?

DQQ-G series ball valve actuator is used to control the motorised ball valve, it is widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning,refrigeration and other building automation system. By controlling the opening or closing the valve and the valve opening degree of the valve (modulation) to regulate the flow of fluid in the system pipeline to obtain a comfortable room temperature, and achieve the effect of energy saving.

Product Features

◆ Easy installation and cost saving.

◆Valve body and actuator is a whole set to prevent other people embezzle it.

◆ Protection class IP66

◆Storage temperature: -40~50

◆Working temperature: -10~50

◆ Ambient temperature: 1~95% RH no dew

◆Operation angle: 90°

◆ Travel time: about 25 seconds

Product Features

◆Main material: forging brass body, seal PTFE / HNBR

◆ Actuator torque: 2N.m

◆ Valve opening torque: DN15~DN25<1N.m,DN32~50<2N.m

◆Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa

◆ Working medium: water

◆Fluid temperature 5~95℃

◆ Stem size: 9x9