Hengsen FFQ-A Series Damper Actuator for HVAC System

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What does FFQ-A do?

FFQ-A series damper actuator is used to control the motorized ball valve, it is widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and other building automation system. By controlling the opening or closing the valve and the valve opening degree of the valve(modulation) to regulate the flow of wind in the pipeline system to get the desired room temperature.

Product Features

◆ Direct installation, do not need linkage device.Easy installation, time and cost saving.

◆ Overload protection function: when the control program detects overload,it can reduce the voltage across the motor,to protect against overloads of drive transmission mechanism and improve the reliability of actuator.What's more,it also can reduce the power consumption of the motor to protect the motor to protect the motor.

◆ Manual adjustment mechanism to simplify the on-site commissioning, and allow the manual operation in emergency situations to quickly locate.

Product Features

◆ Position indicating device can observe the valve switch and the opening degree of the situation at any time.

◆ Modulation input:2-10VDC,0-20mA,0-10VDC,4-20mA option:

◆ Modulation output:2-10VDC, 0-10VDC can be optional.

◆ Adapt valve shaft size: 5N.m actuator,square shaft7-11/ round shaft 10-16. 10-20N.m actuator,square shaft 10-14 /round shaft 12-20.

◆ No-load running time: 5N.m actuator, 63 seconds;10-20N.m actuator,88 seconds.