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Hengsen 2017 International Auto Air-conditioning &Transport Refrigeration Exhibition

On November 14-16, 2017, the 15th International Auto Air-conditioning &Transport Refrigeration Exhibition "opened in Shanghai, the exhibition follows the development trend of mobile refrigeration industry and continuous innovation. That is famous for its professionalism in the mobile refrigeration industry, its influence not only throughout the country, and in the whole Asia and around the world are also mobile refrigeration industry one of the most important specialized exhibitions.

As a famous enterprise in Zhejiang province, Hengsen always occupies the important position in refrigeration industry, and is responsible for drafting the "air conditioning water system use electric valve" national industry standards.We also participate in drafting the "electronic expansion valve of refrigeration and air conditioning with straight moving", "type refrigeration system with a straight moving bistable solenoid valve", "small refrigeration system with two the 3-way magnet valve  and other industry standards.