PHF-DD-L Series Dynamic Balancing Motorized Valve(Screw Connection Type)

In Line With International Standards

Suitable For Home, Office and Industrial Applications

High Temperature and Pressure Resistance

Cheap and Fine

What does PHF-DD-L do?

PHF-DD-L series dynamic balancing motorized valve integrates dynamic balance valve and adjustable valve.It is available for the temperature control of HVAC air-conditioning system's terminal equipment, such as air-conditioning cabinet, new fan group and air processor. It controls the water flow and temperature automatically to save energy rationally and realize intelligent management by its intelligent module device.

Product Features

◆ Diaphragm material:EPDM

◆ Stem material:stainless steel06Cr19Ni10

◆ Valve body and cover material:C3771

◆ Nominal pressure(PN):1.6MPa

◆ Working medium: water, fluid temperature-10-95℃

◆ Travel:3mm

Product Features

◆ PHF-DD-L dynamic balancing motorized valve adopts ceresin wax propeller.There is no noise during its working. It has spring reset function.After the power is off, the valve is closed and the running place will be instructed by indication. Screw connection makes the installation easier, faster and more convenient.

◆ Straight travel and good interchangeability.

◆ KVs discrepancy:≤5%

◆ Good stability. Flow value is not influenced by pressure undulation and is not influenced by each other.

◆ Energy-saving.It saves more 6-20% energy than traditional system.

◆ High efficiency:Greatly shorten the debugging time and high efficiency running. 7.Comfort: Higher temperature control precision, more comfortable than the traditional type.