Hengsen Copper Fittings Straight Coupling for Refrigeration System

In Line With International Standards

Every Product Has Been Inspected for Quality

Suitable for Pipe Connection and Refrigeration

Production Line, Every Product is Guaranteed Quality and Quantity

What does Straight Coupling do?

As a fitting for pipe connection, it can withstand corrosion of a variety of fluids.Often used in the refrigeration industry.

Product Features

◆ With large production scale and short production cycle, Hengsen red copper products can solve customers' problems as soon as possible.

◆ Professional team and professional operation, for each step of the production of products are responsible for a special person to ensure the quality of products.

Product Features

◆ Packing: Plastic Bag+Carton

◆ Pressure: High Pressure

◆ Service: Customized OEM CNC Machining

◆ Keyword: Mechanical Couplings

◆ Feature: High Strength

◆ Thickness: Customized Thickness