Hengsen High-tech WKQ-J02 Series Mechanical Thermostat

Cheap and Fine

Long Service Life

Impact-proof Design

Easy Installation

What does WKQ-J01 do?

Mechanical air-conditioning thermostat can be used in commercial,industrial and civil construction,and can control the fan coil of center air-condition endmost equipment, motorized valve and damper.It is used for keeping the temperature constant according to your operation.All switches are toggle switch,easy to operate.
Matching recommendation:DQF series motorized ball valve.

Product Features

◆ Temperature control range: 10~30℃

◆ Control Precision: when 20℃,±0.8℃

◆ Temperature sensing element: precise metal monopole inflated film box

◆ Voltage Rating: 220VAC±10%50/60Hz

◆ Current Rating: <6A(Resistive load)<2A(Inductive load)

◆ Lead connection: Combined terminal/suitable for maximum 1.5 mm wire

◆ Cover material: Flame-retardant engineering plastic, milky white

◆ Thermostat contact life: ≥200,000 when it is 220V

◆ Toggle switch life: ≥ 20,000 times

◆ Working environment: 0~50℃,10~90%RH, no dew

◆ Storing Temperature: -40~70℃

Product Features

◆ The thermostat should be vertically installed on the indoor wall.The distance to the floor must be about 1.5m high to make sure that the thermostat can get enough airflow.

◆ There must be no heat source and direct sunlight on the thermostat in the room.

◆ Firstly loose the screw of the cover and remove it.Secondly pass the wire through the long hole which is on the upper left side of the base plate.Thirdly connect and fasten the combined terminal. Please do not dismantle the adjusting button during the operation

◆ Pass the wire through the square hole which is on the upper right side of the base plate.And connect and fasten the wire according to the wiring diagram.

◆ Fasten the base plate to the junction box with the matching screws.

◆ Put the switch and it's plate to the bottom (marked COOL.3),install the cover. Make sure all the parts are in the right place.Then tighten all the screws.

◆ The matching terminal junction box is built-in type. Its size is 86x96x32