Hengsen WKQ-SKM Series Digital Thermostat

Clear Data Display

Suitable for Home, Office and Industrial Systems

With Automatic Adjustment Function

Two Language Schemas Available

What does WKQ-SKM do?

WKQ-SK series thermostats are used in 2-pipe or 4-pipe water system or air system to control temperature .It adopts the

microcomputer chip and depends on the comparison results of the room temperature and set temperature to control the working

state for the fan-coil in the end of the air-conditioning system and motorised valve, motorised ball valve or fan valve , in order to

adjust the ambient temperature, satisfy the body comfortable degree and save energy .

Product Features

◆ Rated working voltage/Frequency: 90~260VAC  50/60Hz

◆ Relay output: "<3A(Resistive load) ,<1A(Inductive load)"

◆ Working environment: 0~60℃;

◆ Temperature Control Precision: ±1℃;

◆ Display board dimensions: 86×86×15mm

◆ Mounting dimensions: Installation with standard 86 box,15mm higher than former

◆ Split Power Dimensions:60x60x39mm,Please refer to the dimensional drawing

Product Features

◆ Three operating modes:cooling/heating

◆Four control type of fan: high/medium/low/nature wind

◆Power off, colck maintain function( optional)

◆ Power off, memory function

◆Infrared remote control(optional)

Temperature correction function

◆ Blue backlight function.

Touch key operation