Hengsen WKQ-SNA Digital Thermostat

Clear Data Display

Suitable for Home, Office and Industrial Systems

With Automatic Adjustment Function

Two Language Schemas Available

What does WKQ-SNA do?

Digital thermostat is divided into two kinds, one is designed for electric heating (D) and another is for Bidirection

valve(F).Temperature displays on the LCD directly.It used microcomputer chip to make the

result of the comparation of the room temperature and setting temperature. And use the power relay to

control the ON and OFF of the system.In order to adjust the ambient temperature and meet the purpose

of human comfort and energy conservation.

Product Features

◆ Rated working voltage/Frequency: 90~260VAC  50/60Hz

◆ Relay output: WKQ-SNA-F Load current <2A,WKQ-SNA-D Load current <30A

◆ Working environment: 0~60℃;

◆ Temperature Control Precision: ±1℃;

◆ Display board dimensions: 85.5×85.5×14mm

◆ Mounting dimensions: Installation with standard 86 box,14mm higher than former.

Product Features

◆ Working mode:heating

◆ Antifreeze function

◆ Blue backlight and LCD screen

◆ Infrared remote control(optional)

◆ Temperature compensation

◆ Adjustable temperature function

◆ Shutdown when electricity come after power off

◆ Keyboard lock

◆ Feather-touch button

◆ Sensor(innercontrol outler limit,inner control,external contorl)