WQF-SA series Temperature Control Ball Valve

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What does WQF-SA Series do?

WQF-SA series digital temperature control ball valve comes with temperature sensor (lower part of ball valve). In accordance with the water supply within the water pipe, the user can set the cooling and heating mode. In accordance with preset turn-on temperature and turn-off temperature, the temperature control ball valve will open or close the ball valve automatically.

Product Features

◆ Easily installed

◆ Connecting rod is unnecessary

◆ Temperature sensor has been installed in the lower part of the ball valve, comes with 220VAC         power plug, saving circuit installation time.

◆Optional relay without electricity normally opened and normally closed contact output, can            synchronize the control of wall-hung boilers and other equipment.

◆Optional infrared remote control components, matching the remote control

◆ Optional power failure self-reset function, the user can choose valve keep, open and closed, the     temperature control ball valve running to the appropriate state when power failure.

Product Features

◆ Wide voltage 90-260VAC

◆ Relay without electricity normally open and normally closed contact output

◆ Power failure selfresetreset

◆Remote control components

◆ Temperature sensor fault alarm

◆ Motor fault alarm

◆ Keyboard lock

◆Anti freezing in shut down state

◆ Shutdown with electricity

◆3 minutes protection

◆ The longest intervals of valve actuation