Hengsen DDF-Z-H series Cast Brass Valve

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Not easy to jam

Technological innovation makes the valve body more impact resistant

Each valve body has been manually and equipment inspection for quality assurance

What does DDF-H do?

DDF-Z-G-J series cast brass valve can adjust the flow of cold/hot water after it matched with DFQ-J series motor actuator. It is widely used in the  liquid control system such as the central air-conditioning, heating, water disposal, industry processing and so on.

ميزات المنتج

●Stem seal: four layer V type O nitrile rubber seals,PTFE envelope

●Stem material: stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10

●Valve core: brass or stainless steel

●The rest of the parts are brass

●Nominal pressure(PN): 1.6MPa

●Working medium: water,fluid temperature 5-95℃

●Valve leakage: less than 0.05% of KVs

ميزات المنتج

◆ The valve stem downward running is the closing direction of the valve.

◆ Make sure the pipe is clean and without oxide and metal after welding before installation.

◆ It must be at the same point and free from shocks when connect the pipe and valve body. The flow direction should be same as the direction of the label.

◆ When the actuator is vertically installed on the valve,please avoid installing it under the valve to leave enough space for daily maintenance(like remove the actuator).

◆ Cut off the electricity to make sure there is no pressure in the water system when maintenance.

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