Hengsen Copper EQG/DJ Series Disperse Pipes For DAIKIN VRV TYPE A/C System

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What does Disperse Pipes do?

It is used to connect the main engine and multiple terminal equipment, which is divided into air pipe and liquid pipe,acting as an important component in air conditioning system.

ميزات المنتج

◆ It can match multiple air-conditioning systems.

◆ Series A is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, while Series B/C is based on the technical parameters of the supporting design drawings by the manufacturer to remove the excessive design in the original design, so as to save the cost of raw materials and improve the cost performance of products on the premise of not affecting the use and quality of products.

ميزات المنتج

◆ التعبئة: كيس بلاستيك + كرتون

◆ الضغط: ضغط مرتفع

◆ الخدمة: التصنيع باستخدام الحاسب الآلي OEM حسب الطلب

◆ الكلمة الرئيسية: وصلات ميكانيكية

◆ الميزة: قوة عالية

◆ سمك: سمك مخصص

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