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Dünya Top 500 olma yolları

Founded in 1988, Hengsen is developing constantly, with more than 20 years  of professional experiences in HVAC controls products, pipe fittings and refrigeration fittings.

The company has the capability of independent research and development, independent creation and independent production. From the design of the product to the factory, every step is strictly checked by the professional technicians. We have a number of production lines that can meet the different requirements of different customers.

As the main supplier of Oakes, Midea, Sanyo, Haier and other fortune 500 enterprises, Hengsen is famous for its high quality and high service,  and  establishes a long-term cooperative relationship with them.

We insist that, innovation is the driving force of an enterprise while quality is the foundation. Henson will have an important place in the global arena with constantly progress.