Статычны балансавальны клапан серыі PHF-J

У адпаведнасці з міжнароднымі стандартамі

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What does HVAC-PHF-J do?

Static flow balancing valves is used in hydraulic system. It can balance the flux in the end or every branch in the system accurately. Water

system's balance is the premise for normal operation. The system can provide maximum comfort and the least energy consumption in this

premise. Screw connection valves' body adopts Venturi flow meter. It makes the flow regulation be more accurate and the flow monitor be


Асаблівасці прадукту

◆ Body material: DN15-DN50 brass, DN65-DN150 gray cast

◆ iron maximum working pressure: 16bar

◆ Operating range: -20~120℃

◆Medium: water and ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol ≤50%


◆Sealing material: EPDM

Scale: DN15-DN50:0-6 DN65-DN150:0-7

Асаблівасці прадукту

◆ System's terminal can operate under heating,refrigeration and arefaction. It will not cause     

    energy waste and the comfort can be ensured.

◆ Pump works at the best position.And there is no overheat or wastage.

◆ No noise and pipe corrosion.

◆ Temperature adjustment valve always works under normal differential pressure range.