DRQ серия Електрически термичен клапан задвижване

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What does DRQ Series do?

DRQ electric thermal valve is available for controlling central air conditioning and water heating system's opening and closing to controlthe room temperature. The control valve depends on the paraffin wax propeller drive the spring to reset.The electric thermal valve is

normally closed when it doesn't work.If it needs to work, the thermostat will provide a signal of opening,then the electric thermal valve willgets the power to work. Opening the valve,the cold and hot water will come into the fan coil to provide the cold or hot air. when the set temperature is achieved,the thermostat will cut off the electric thermal valve's power,then the reset spring can close the valve to stop thewater which flow into the coil. So the room temperature is always maintained within the set range by the valve's opening and closing. DRF-01 electric thermal valve adopts paraffin wax propeller.It's driven by the PTC heating without noise, with a spring reset function,thevalve is closed after power off , and the position of the stroke has the indication of the opening degree. ,screw connection is simple, fast

and convenient to be disassembled.

Характеристики на продукта

◆ Voltage: 220VAC

◆ Power : 2W

◆ Push: >115N

◆ Travel: 3mm

◆ Full time: 3-5min

◆Connection size: M30*15mm nut

◆ Ambient temperature: -5-60℃

◆ Lead length: 900mm

◆Shell material: Flame retardant PC (inner parts of the Reinforced flame retardant PA66

◆ Shell protection grade: IP54

◆Installation position vertical to 85 degrees tilt angle

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