Digitalni termostat serije Hengsen WKQ-B03

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What does WKQ-B02 do?

WKQ-B03 proportional integral thermostat thermostat is used in the central air-conditioneing, heating and cooling system.When the temperature sensor detect the change of the controlled environment, the thermostat will generate an increasing or decreasing signal to adjust reversible motor actuator.

Karakteristike proizvoda

◆ Internal or external with NTC.

◆All setting data can be displayed and operated on the LCD screen

◆ Flexible installation: wall installation, embedded or embedded plste installation.

Karakteristike proizvoda

◆ Control method:Proportional + Integral,forward or counter incremental output

◆ Integral time:2-60 sekundi

◆ Output signal:Reversible TRIAC output

◆ Supply votage:24VAC±10% 50/60Hz

◆ Power consumption:2W(No load)

◆ Proportional band:2~19 C

◆ External NTC thermistor temperature sensor:NTC-20K 1% thermistor

Wire:Combined terminal/1.5mm

◆Cover:(Thermal-resistance type & Auxiliary fire-resistant 0~+50℃ 10~90%RH no dew

◆Working environment:pe) 0~+50℃ 10~90%RH no dew

◆Storage Temp:-40~+70 C

◆Net weight:120g

◆Accessory(extra order):CGQ-W9100 temperature sensor