Hengseni DBF-T seeria messingist ühe kollektori mõõtur

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Clear and Exact Figures

High Comfort & Practicality

Attractive in Price & Quality

What does DBF-T-466 do?

As a pressure measuring device, it is used in multiple fields and can be manufactured according to the requirements of different customers to match different liquids or gases.

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Kõrge vastupidavus

◆Unique streamline anti-collision design, more dynamic with streamline. 

◆Qualified for the usage of construction, provide the best service for you.

Clear and exact figures

◆Simple and convenient way of adjustment to zero.

◆ The large scale mark and high contrast color design make the way of reading data easier.

◆ Pure copper core,according to international standard 1.6 precision.

High Comfort &  Practicality

◆Gentle and comfortable knob design.

◆Pay attention to every single detail,even if a knob. 

◆With sightglass,the refrigerant is clearly visible.

Toote omadused

◆ Päritolukoht: Zhejiang, Hiina

◆ Kaubamärgi nimi: Hengsen

◆ Model Number: DBF-T-466

◆ Sertifikaat: CE/ISO9001

◆ Minimaalne tellimuse kogus: 20

◆ Pakendi üksikasjad: kohandamine

◆ Tarneaeg: 25

◆ Payment Terms: Visa,T/T,PayPal

◆ Supply Ability: 1000PCS/Month