Hengsen Digital Pressure Gauge Digital Manifold Gauge Set

Alta durabilidade

Clear and Exact Figures

High Comfort & Practicality

Attractive in Price & Quality

What does SBF-L-07 do?

As a pressure measuring device, it is used in multiple fields and can be manufactured according to the requirements of different customers to match different liquids or gases.

Características do produto

Strong, shockproof&corrosion-resistant

◆ Unique streamline anti-collision design,more dynamic with streamline.

◆ Rubber wraparound protective body shell to prevent the multiple impact.

◆ Qualified for the usage of construction, provide the best service for you.

Clear and direct reading

◆ Six pressure units switch instantaneously as Mpa,kPa, bar,psl, kgf/cm, inHg, without artificial conversion.

◆ Clear and direct four-digit reading, high precision in industrial grade,ensure each measurement is accurate.

◆ Backlight LCD display.

Adopt microcomputer controller

◆ The digital refrigerant pressure gauge adopts the recent microcomputer controller, twenty-four bits AD converter and high precision pressure sensor. Available to measure the pressure of gas and fluid as well as vacuum pressure.

Características do produto

◆ Lugar de orixe: Zhejiang, China

◆ Marca: Hengsen

◆ Model Number: SBF-L-07

◆ Certificación: CE/ISO9001

◆ Minimum Order Quantity: 20

◆ Packaging Details: Customization

◆ Delivery Time: 25

◆ Payment Terms: Visa,T/T,PayPal

◆ Supply Ability: 1000PCS/Month