Hengsen mesingani CO2 kuglasti ventil za hlađenje

Two way flow, can be installed at will.

The structure of the whole valve port is matched with the inner diameter of the pipe fitting, with large flow, small resistance and no pressure drop.

With explosion-proof stem design.

Specially selected sealing materials compatible with CO2 operation environment, light switch, and have compensation sealing effect.

What does LQF-CO2 do?

Small fluid resistance,simple structure, small size, light weight, compact and reliable, good sealing performance, convenient operation,quick on/of, convenient maintenance, wide range of application.

Značajke proizvoda

Welding process-laser welding

◆ After laser focusing, the power density is high.When high power devices are welded, the micro structure and properties of the weld are very good.

◆ It can be used for micro welding, with even and beautiful welding surface, more environmental protection and cleaning.

Explosion proof design, safer structure

◆ The new design will install the main shaft inside the valve body, providing better explosion-proof protection and safer structure

Dizajn nesmetanog pristupa

◆ Cijev je neometana kada je ventil otvoren za spajanje cijevi

◆ Uređaj za pričvršćivanje sjedišta ventila može se postaviti na postolje kako bi se značajno smanjile vibracije cijevi.

Značajke proizvoda

Brzi detalj

◆ Applicable refrigerant: compatible with new refrigerants including HFOs and combustible refrigerants.

◆ Maksimalni radni tlak: 9MPa.

◆ Applicable medium temperature: -30℃~+120℃.

◆ Applicable environment temperature: -20℃-+60℃.

◆ It only needs to rotate 1/4 turn(90°)from full open to full close, with rotation limit from full open to full close;

◆ Only need to turn 1/4 round to open completely from closed 

◆ With limit switch either full open or full closed

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