Hengsen digitalni manometar digitalni set manometra

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Clear and Exact Figures

High Comfort & Practicality

Attractive in Price & Quality

What does SBF-L-05 do?

As a pressure measuring device, it is used in multiple fields and can be manufactured according to the requirements of different customers to match different liquids or gases.

Značajke proizvoda

Strong, shockproof&corrosion-resistant

◆ Unique streamline anti-collision design,more dynamic with streamline.

◆ Rubber wraparound protective body shell to prevent the multiple impact.

◆ Qualified for the usage of construction, provide the best service for you.

Clear and direct reading

◆ Six pressure units switch instantaneously as Mpa,kPa, bar,psl, kgf/cm, inHg, without artificial conversion.

◆ Clear and direct four-digit reading, high precision in industrial grade,ensure each measurement is accurate.

◆ Backlight LCD display.

Adopt microcomputer controller

◆ The digital refrigerant pressure gauge adopts the recent microcomputer controller, twenty-four bits AD converter and high precision pressure sensor. Available to measure the pressure of gas and fluid as well as vacuum pressure.

Značajke proizvoda

◆ Mjesto podrijetla: Zhejiang, Kina

◆ Naziv robne marke: Hengsen

◆ Model Number: SBF-L-05

◆ Certifikacija: CE/ISO9001

◆ Minimalna količina narudžbe: 20

◆ Detalji pakiranja: Prilagodba

◆ Vrijeme isporuke: 25

◆ Payment Terms: Visa,T/T,PayPal

◆ Supply Ability: 1000PCS/Month

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