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Hengsen elnyerte a Cool and Warm Intelligent Manufacturing·Creative Intelligence Award díjat

On September 25, under the joint guidance of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association and China Energy Conservation Association, hosted by Industry Online, and co-organized by Zhejiang Hengsen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., the 2021 China HVAC Industry with the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing of Cooling and Heating·New Sail" The development summit was held in Hangzhou Wenlan Hotel.The meeting conducted exchanges and discussions based on the current macroeconomic situation, upstream and downstream development trends, and opportunities and challenges in the development of the HVAC industry.

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In the past year, China has contained an unprecedented epidemic in the shortest time and started economic recovery before the world.In the general environment, China's HVAC industry not only enjoys the dividends brought about by economic recovery and the substantial increase in exports, but also feels the obstacles to development caused by international competition and the sharp rise in raw material prices.With the deepening of green development, the arrival of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the clarification of the "dual carbon goals", China's HVAC industry has also continued to set sail in the new economic cycle and entered a new stage of its own development.The China HVAC Industry Development Summit will once again gather the entire industry chain to jointly focus on the hot spots of industry trends in the new cycle, explore the law of development, and tap the driving force for development.

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The scene of the industry theme summit,He Zemiao, general manager of Hengsen Industrial Group, gave a report entitled "Green Parts Assistant Air Conditioning Industry Upgrade".Shared our company's analysis of the development prospects of the industry and our company's efforts and exploration experience in the transformation of product development industry.

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Industry Summit "Foreseeing the Future" theme forum,Ji Nan, Marketing Director of Hengsen Industrial Group, represented the company,discuss with everyone on the spot,he expressed his opinion on the future trend of cold and warm under the new cycle.

Hengsen has been dedicated to the production, design, and research and development of peripheral products for air conditioning, and has formed three series of products including refrigeration accessories, building automation, and plumbing accessories. The products are widely used in household air conditioners, central air conditioners and air conditioning maintenance tools.The company has been actively exploring domestic and international markets for many years, not only has significant sales in the domestic market, but also expanded its business to the United States, Britain, Spain, Germany, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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DPF(K) electronic expansion valve

At the awards ceremony, Hengsen DPF series electronic expansion valve products won the "Cool and Warm Intelligent Manufacturing·Creative Intelligence Award".Winning this award is not only an affirmation and support for Hengsen's development achievements, but also aims to commend technology companies with leading technology, high-efficiency skills and outstanding products that have been recognized by the market.

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Hengsen Night Appreciation Dinner,the elites in the industry gather, let us continue to base ourselves on refrigeration as the medium, deepen the development of smart manufacturing, share friendship, advance together, and make dreams come true together.

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