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What does DXFxXSQ-A Series do?

DXFxXSQ-A Plug Valve are avaliable for control the room temperature by controling the

opening and closing of central air conditioning system and heating system. When it is needed, the thermostat gives a signal of opening the valve. Then the motorised valve will switch on and start opening. The cold or hot water come into the fan coil for providing cold or hot air. The thermostat will make the valve stop when the room temperature achivev the set temperature.And at the same time the water can not flow into the coil. The room temperature will be keeped in the range of the set data by the way of opening and closing the valve. It also can be connected with the pipe to provide hot water through heat exchange equipment for any occasion.

Fitur Produk

◆ Motor supply voltage: 24VAC

◆Frequency: 50Hz

◆ Power: 2W

◆ Motor insulation class: "F" grade

◆Maximum ambient temperature: 52 ℃

◆ Cable length: 900mm

◆Travel time: 2s

◆Plug valve is suit for regular operation, quickly and easily opening and closing.

◆Fluid resistance is small

◆ Simple structure, small size, light weight,easy installation

◆Rare fouling,large flow

◆ Not limited by the installation direction, the flow of media can be arbitrary

◆No vibration, low noise

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