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What does PHF-DY-F do?

PHF-DY-F Self-Operated differential pressure control valve, does not need external energy, depends on the modulated medium's pressure changes to adjust automatically, eliminates the flow change which caused by pipe net's residual pressure head and pressure fluctuation , constant user's inlet and outlet differential pressure, helps to stabilize the system operation.

Fitur Produk

Media kerja: air

◆ Working temperature: Fluid temperature 5-95 ℃

◆ Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6MPa

◆ Working life: more than a decade

◆Body material: high-quality gray cast iron

◆Inner part material: brass, stainless steel

◆ Spring: Stainless steel

◆ Diaphragm: EPDM

◆ Flange standard: GB/T 17241.6-2008 PN10

Fitur Produk

◆ Constant differential pressure of the controlled system;

◆ Support the controlled system internal autonomic regulation;

◆ Absorbing outside net differential pressure fluctuation;

◆ Eliminate the logging automatically function

◆ Use the advanced stepless voltage regulation structure, control pressure adjustable ratio up to       25: 1

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