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Hengsen's products are exported to all over the world in large quantities every year.We have our own long-term customers in many places, specializing in the sale of Hengsen products.

At the same time, we have the professional ability to provide OEM/ODM services.As long as the request, we will do 100% effort to achieve.

Canada Oakville Hebron, North Mankato Hanoverae Wytheville Charleston Rochester Hills Civitates Foederatae Americae Troiae Mexico San Luis Potosi Empalme Brazil Campinas Jossigny Gallia Belgium Brussels Ipras Belgio Meppel Schola Germany Gronau Hanover Stanowice Polonia Vratislavia Russia Miass Sinis Jinan (2Plants) Qingdao Shanghai Taishan Japan Tokyo Pyungtaek South Korea Thailand Rayong India Chennai Jamshedpur Mahindra World City Lucknow Pantnagar

From Our Employees

I was looking for a oppotunity to get something unforgetable. In hengsen,there is more to explore than what is in front of us.

Nan Ji

My career started with Hengsen and it's been going on.Here I found something to work for all my life.

Scott Qian

Stay hungry, stay foolish.We are always making progress, growing and learning from work and life.

Luna Ho

Work is also a part of study, and Hengsen provides us with a broad platform to give full play to our strengths.

Shaw He

You can learn by working in a team, or you can express your opinions freely. In Hengsen, talent is number one.

Susan Yang

At Hengsen, everything we do, wherever we are in the world - as a company, as individuals, as a team - is guided by our values. They govern every aspect of our working day and our interactions with all of Hengsen's stakeholders.


  • Independent research and development capability

    Fundatur in notionibus productionis innovationis, industria salutaris et intelligentiae. Hengsen turmam validam statuit et relationes cooperativas cum multis universitatibus domesticis constituit. Donec nunc 71 diplomata nationalia obtinuimus, inter 3 inventas patentes.

  • National Laboratorium

    Die XXVI mensis Ianuarii anno MMXVIII, laboratorium Zhejiang Hengsen Industrialis Societas Co., Ltd. feliciter obtinuit accreditationem nationalem laboratorium certificatorium (Numerus certificatorium: CNAS L26), postquam recensio in-situs transeundo et rectificatio subsequentis laboratorium CNAS facta est, et unus factus est. of the national accreditation laboratorium.

  • Chinese high-tech enterprises

    Hengsen insists on cooperating with experts at home and abroad to constantly develop new products and improve production technology and spend 15% of annual revenue on product development.

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