Hengsen ຄວາມກົດດັນສູງ / ອຸນຫະພູມ DFQ-XE ຕົວຈິງ

Can be adapted to different power requirements

Different diameters of valves with different drivers

600N-5000N Optional

OEM / ODM Service

What does DFQ-XE do?

It's widely used in central air conditioning system, heating system and other occasions to meet the user from simple single-room temperature control to complex building automatic control requirements.


◆ Easily installed

◆ Terminal limit switch

◆ Connecting rod is unnecessary

◆ Forward and reverse action

◆ Synchronous motor

◆ Accurate valve positioning

◆ Corrosion protection design

◆ With manual operator

◆ Maintenance free


◆ DFQ-XE series motorized valve actuator is matched with 2,3-way motorized valve to adjust the medium flow. It can achieve the required ambient temperature,obtain a comfortable environment and save energy through flow control.

◆ It can operate normally in high temperature environment and can dissipate heat by itself to maintain the normal operation of the product.Our company also has synchronous matching valves, and the thrust force can be selected freely.

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