Hengsen ປະສິດທິພາບສູງ 6 ທາງ DQF-B * DQQ-B3 ຊຸດມໍເຕີມໍເຕີມໍເຕີ




Save Loss

What does DQF-B*DQQ-B3 do?

Motorized ball valves are available for terminal waterway control. Thermostat control the motorized ball valve actuator, and the actuator motor drive the valve ON/OFF to make the medium flow or disconnected, and the fan coil blow at the same time to control the temperature automatically.


●Sealing material:PTFE

●Stem material:HPb58-2

●Valve body and bonnet material:HPb59-1


●Medium:water, fluid temperature 10-95

● Torque: 5N.m

●Connection thread:G1/2female/G1/2male

● Rotate angle:90


◆ Six-way valve is a combination valve used to connect heating and cooling piping systems into a single system.

◆ The design is a simple and effective way to adjust the flow of hot and cold water according to the requirements of controlling HVAC system. It saves the cost of installation as the valve replaces a 4-way valve or 2-way valve with a transfer valve.

◆ The coupling between the TPN valve and the actuator is designed as a stop-proof installation system to ensure rapid installation and reduce the risk of installation errors.

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