Hengsen DJ Series Hysteresis Motor Synchronous

Small volume, large power

It can be adapted to different power sources



What does Hysteresis Synchronous Motor

Hysteresis synchronous motor is a small power synchronous motor that is started and operated by the hysteresis torque generated on the rotor.


◆ Hysteresis motor has the advantages of simple structure, easy start-up and low noise, but its transient stability is poor and its efficiency is low. In the occasion of requiring lower speed, gear is needed to reduce speed.

◆ The hysteresis motor has a large starting torque, can be pulled in synchronously and stably operated in a synchronous state, has a simple structure, reliable operation , and has a small starting current and low electromagnetic noise. It is specially suitable for driving loads with large rotational inertia, constant speed,frequent starting and constant torque.Typical application area:valve control.


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