PHF-DD-HF Series Dynamic Balancing Motorised Valve (Flange Connection Type)


ເໝາະ ສຳ ລັບໃຊ້ກັບບ້ານ, ຫ້ອງການແລະອຸດສະຫະ ກຳ



What does PHF-DD-HF do?

"PHF-DD-HF series dynamic balancing motorized valve integrates dynamic balance valve and adjustable valve. It is available for the temperature control of HVAC air-conditioning system's terminal equipment, such as air-conditioning cabinet, new fan group and air processor. It controls the water flow and temperature automatically to save energy rationally and realize intelligent management by its intelligent module device."


◆ The stem seal: four layer V type O type nitrile rubber seals, PTFE envelope

material ອຸປະກອນການເຮັດດ້ວຍເຫຼັກ: ສະແຕນເລດ 06Cr19Ni10

◆ Valve core: brass

◆ Differential pressure range: 0.03-0.3Mpa

◆ Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6MPa

medium ສື່ກາງທີ່ເຮັດວຽກ: ນ້ ຳ, ອຸນຫະພູມຂອງນ້ ຳ -10-95 ℃

ການຮົ່ວໄຫຼຂອງວາວ: ຕໍ່າກ່ວາ 0.05% ຂອງ KV

Flange standard: GB/T 17241.6-2008 PN16


◆ Good stability: Flow value is not influenced by pressure undulation and is not influenced by           each other

◆Energy-saving: It saves more 6-20% energy than traditional system.

◆ High efficiency: Greatly shorten the debugging time and high efficiency running.

◆ Higher temperature control precision, more comfortable than the traditional type.

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