Hengsen ແຮງດັນສູງ Coupler ດ່ວນ

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What does QC-12AL/12AH-00 do?

This is a joint that can be connected or disconnected without tools, in most cases, for gas and liquid exchange.


◆ສະຖານທີ່ກໍາເນີດ: Zhejiang, ຈີນ

◆ຊື່ຍີ່ຫໍ້: Hengsen

◆ Model Number: QC-12AL/12AH-00

◆ການຢັ້ງຢືນ: CE/ISO9001

◆ຈໍານວນຄໍາສັ່ງຕໍາ່ສຸດທີ່: 20

◆ລາຍລະອຽດການຫຸ້ມຫໍ່: ການປັບແຕ່ງ

◆ເວລາຈັດສົ່ງ: 25


◆ Usually used in conjunction with our gauges, they can be modified according to customer requirements.

◆ There are four different types of fast couplings to meet the needs of different markets.

◆ Hengsen quick coupler series products can work under high temperature and high pressure environment. Our normal types can suit for R134 refrigerant.

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