Hengsen SF-DL ວາວທອງເຫຼືອງທີ່ມີຄຸນນະພາບສູງສໍາລັບລະບົບເຄື່ອງເຮັດຄວາມເຢັນ

Forge forming & Elegant appearance

Sand blasting process & No harm to hands

Ergonomic Knob


What does SF-DL do?

Hand valve is a kind of manual stop valve and applicable to one-way flow.It also can be used for the liquid of freezing,refrigeration and air conditioning;and it is also used in inhale&heating pipes.


Forge forming & Elegant appearance

◆ Adopt the modified nylon king material in the valve core to achieve a good sealing,wear-resisting and high temperature resistance.

◆ The sealing processing is strictly inspected, the products are strictly controlled from the production to the delivery. Make sure every valve is high quality.

◆ Maximum working pressure: 4.5Mpa.

Sand blasting process & No harm to hands

◆ Adopt high quality copper material to forge forming, with good strength and hardness.

◆ຂະບວນການລະເບີດພື້ນຜິວ, ເຮັດໃຫ້ຮູບລັກສະນະທີ່ງົດງາມແລະປ້ອງກັນການບາດເຈັບໃດໆກັບມືຂອງທ່ານ.

Ergonomic Knob

◆ Ergonomic design with good appearance,each switch fits hand pattern well.

◆ Short working trip, quick open and close, only need to turn one and a half round to open or close completely.


Quick Detail

◆ With nylon valve core,durable sealing surface,long service life.

◆ With a stainless steel diaphragm which can avoid leaking during service life.

◆ Just turn one and a half circle to make the valve full open or full closed.Simple operation,flexible start, no noise.

◆ Applicable refrigerant medium: For R22、R134A、R410A、R502、R407C etc.

◆ Medium temperature:-25℃-+100℃

◆ Maximum working pressure:4.5MPa

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