Hengsen saldēšanas lodveida vārsts

Just turn 1/4 circle to make the valve from full open to full closed.and it has rotation limitation.

Valve seat sealing with modified PTFE, quick on/off, seal-compensation function.

With two-way liquidity, large flow rate, small resistance;explosion-proof valve stem design.

High Quality and Quantity.

What Does LQF do?

It is widely used in central air conditioning and other refrigeration systems.

Produkta iespējas

Independent development & One integrated mass

◆ Each high temperature weld may damage the inner core of the valve,however Hengsen developed a new modified process. It is to reduce a weld at the junction of copper pipe,which makes valves more immersible,safer and more beautiful.

Welding technology-high frequency welding

◆ Since the current is highly concentrated in the weld area, it heats up quickly on a small area and is not easy to be oxidize to ensure a good organization and performance of the weld.

◆ The welding surface is more uniform, beautiful and environmental friendly.

Easier operation convenient installation

◆ Only need to turn 1/4 round to open completely from closed.

◆ With limit switch either full open or full closed.

Netraucēta piekļuves dizains

◆ The pipe is unimpeded when the valve is open to connect the pipe.

◆ Valve seat fixing device can install on the stand to significantly reduce pipe virbration.

Produkta iespējas

Tehniskie dati

◆ Applicable medium:R22、R134a、R407C、R410a etc.

◆ Applicable medium temperature:-30℃-+120℃.

◆ Maximum working pressure:4.2MPa.

◆ Applicable environment temperature:-20℃-+60℃.

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