Injap Bermotor Loyang Siri DDF-X 2 hala Hengsen

Pemasangan mudah

Bunyi yang rendah

The reaction speed is fast and the room temperature can be adjusted quickly

With spring reset function, high safety

Apakah yang dilakukan oleh DDF-X?

Injap bermotor siri DDF-X tersedia untuk mengawal penyaman udara pusat dan buka dan tutup sistem pemanasan air untuk mengawal suhu bilik.

Ciri-ciri Produk

◆ Bahan badan: tembaga palsu

◆ Bahan batang: keluli tahan karat

◆ Bahan pengedap: getah nitril(NBR)

◆ Medium kerja: air sejuk/panas

◆ Fluid temperature: 2-94℃

◆ Pressure: 1.6MPa

◆ Ambient temperature: 0-65 C℃ maximum relative humidity is no dew

◆ Travel time: 11~15 seconds

◆ Tork motor: >

Ciri-ciri Produk

◆ The control valve depends on the paraffin wax propeller drive the spring to reset.The actuator is normally closed when it doesn't work.If it needs to work, the thermostat will provide a signal of opening, then the actuator will gets the power to work. Opening the valve, the cold and hot water will come into the fan coil to provide the cold or hot air. When the set temperature is achieved, the thermostat will cut off the actuator 's power, then the reset spring can close the valve to stop the water which flow into the coil. So the room temperature is always maintained within the set range by the valve's opening and closing. The actuator and valve is connected by clamp connection way. Actuator should be installed after the valve. The installation is very convenient. Actuator installation can be close to the wall to save space. This product is durable and reliable.The operating noise is very low.

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