Injap Bola Penyejukan Bermotor Hengsen

Automatic switching without manual operation.

Built-in position indicating device, observe the opening and closing of the valve at any time.

With manual adjustment mechanism, allowing manual operation in emergency situations for fast positioning.

Full automatic overload protection.

What does Motorized Refrigeration Ball Valve do?

Rintangan bendalir kecil, struktur sederhana, ukuran kecil, ringan, padat dan boleh dipercayai, prestasi kedap yang baik, operasi mudah, on / off cepat, penyelenggaraan mudah, pelbagai aplikasi.

Ciri-ciri Produk

Automatic switch, Real-time observation

◆ Automatic switch without manual operation.

◆ Equipped with position indicating device, observe the opening and opening of the valve at any time.

Welding technology-high frequency welding

◆ Since the current is highly concentrated in the weld area, it heats up quickly on a small area and is not easy to be oxidize to ensure a good organization and performance of the weld.

◆ The welding surface is more uniform, beautiful and environmental friendly.

Unimpeded access design

◆ The pipe is unimpeded when the valve is open to connect the pipe

◆ Valve seat fixing device can install on the stand to significantly reduce pipe vibration.

Ciri-ciri Produk

Data teknikal

◆ Applicable medium:R22、R134a、R407C、R410a etc.

◆ Applicable medium temperature:-30℃~+120℃.

◆ Tekanan kerja maksimum: 4.2MPa.

◆ Applicable environment temperature:-20℃-+60℃.

Independent development & One integrated mass

◆ Each high temperature weld may damage the inner core of the valve,however Hengsen developed a new modified process. It is to reduce a weld at the junction of copper pipe,which makes valves more immersible,safer and more beautiful.

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