Injap Penghawa Dingin Loyang Hengsen

Operasi yang Mudah.

Use Soft Sea and Hard Sea to Ensure the Sealing Performance.

Cheap and Fine.

High Quality Pure Copper Pipe.

What does KQF do?

It is used to connect the outdoor units and indoor units,and play the role of switching.

Ciri-ciri Produk

Superior quality & Advanced forging technology

◆ The product is forged shape, it can prevent the appearance of sandstone and the damaged condition of valve. Make sure the appearance is more exquisite.

◆ Maximum working pressure:4.2MPa.

Detail achieve quality

◆ Proses letupan permukaan, menjadikan penampilan lebih indah dan mengelakkan sebarang kecederaan pada tangan anda.

◆ Anti-lock cracking structure of nut assure that products be used more reassuring.

Ciri-ciri Produk

◆ Applicable medium: R22、R134a、R410a、R407C、R32etc.

◆ Applicable medium temperature:-30℃-+120℃.

◆ Maximum working pressure: 4.2MPa.

◆ Limit valve core,safe and reliable

◆ Prevent crack when tighten

◆ Stengthen the leakproofness

◆ Fixing device

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