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Zhejiang Hengsen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. a fost selectat în Institutul Provincial de Cercetare a Întreprinderilor din 2019

La 3 martie 2020, departamentul de știință și tehnologie din Zhejiang, comisia de dezvoltare și reformă a provinciei Zhejiang, sala economică și informațională din provincia Zhejiang a emis în comun „cu privire la întreprinderile provinciale din noul institut de cercetare în 2019 lista avizului”, „grupul industrial din Zhejiang” , a făcut „institutul de cercetare a supapelor de control constantă din Zhejiang” a fost identificat ca institut de întreprindere provincial.

It is reported that this is a new honor after the Hengsen company won the national high-tech enterprise, the National CNAS accredited laboratory, the National postdoctoral workstation, Zhejiang Province invisible champion cultivation unit, Zhejiang Province RESEARCH and Development Center, Zhejiang Province enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Province manufacturing group standard setting .

Zhejiang provincial enterprise institute is based on the "measures for the management of enterprise institute of Zhejiang province" and "the science and technology department of Zhejiang province about organization to declare 2019 provincial enterprise institute notice” spirit and requirement for organizations to carry out. Leading by the provincial department of science and technology, the provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the provincial development and reform commission jointly  determined whether a company has a high level of research and development .It aims to give full play for the outstanding enterprises in the province to lead technological progress in their respective industries, implement the development strategy of innovation-driven development.

Technological innovation has always been the foundation of enterprise development, but also the key to enterprise survival. All the time, Zhejiang Hengsen Industry Group has been putting "innovation" in an important position, unswervingly and continuously promoting innovative management, to create value through innovation, to achieve value through brand.

Many products of our company won the support of "National Torch Program Project", "National key new Products", "National Science and Technology sme Innovation Fund Project", and won the "Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Award" for many times.

"Electric valve" and "air conditioning pipe" are Zhejiang famous brand products.

This time, Hengsen Group will take the newly recognized provincial enterprise Research Institute as an opportunity to fully gather innovation elements, organically integrate internal and external innovation resources of the company, strengthen forward-looking technology research, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading through scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of products in the market.

We will further enhance our capacity for independent innovation without breaking out new technologies, processes and products with market prospects and competitiveness.

Company will further strengthen the building of the provincial enterprise institute, establish and improve the independent innovation of organization, management system and operation mechanism of cluster innovation, enhance the independent innovation ability and core competence, complete the tasks with high quality, give full play to lead industry technical progress and carry out the strategy of innovation driven development, promote the company's technical innovation system, to jointly promote the control valve industry one after another on a new journey.