Hengsen WKQ-B01 seriyali raqamli termostat

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WKQ-B01 proportional integral thermostat is used in the central air-conditioneing, heating and cooling system. When the temperature sensor detect the change of the controlled environment, the thermostat will generate an increasing or decreasing signal to adjust reversible motor actuator.

Mahsulot xususiyatlari

◆ External with NTC thermistor temperature sensor.

◆Snap-on dial scale shade to avoid people changes the data without permission.

◆ Changeable output function:DA or RA(summer or winter)---through inner switch or remote

   concentrate switch.

◆ Adjustable proportional band.

◆ Backup set data

◆ Flexible installation: wall installation,embedded,embedded plate installation or concealed               installation in the terminal equipment of fan coil etc.

Mahsulot xususiyatlari

◆ WKQ-B01-A:Temperature control range:0~40 C

◆ WKQ-B01-B:Temperature control range:3~120 C

Effect :Proportional + Integral,positive and negative

Supply votage:24VAC±10% 50/60Hz

Output signal :24VAC(0.5A)Through the TRIAC

Power consumption: 2W(No load)

Proportional band: 1-7℃, adjustable, factory setting is about 4℃

Integral time: 2-62seconds,adjustable

Temperature Setting range : 0-40 C or 30-120 C

External NTC thermistor temperature sensor: NTC-10K 1% thermistor

Wire :Combined terminal/1.5mm

Cover :(Thermal-resistance type & Auxiliary fire-resistant type) ABS,beige

Working environment :0~+50℃ 10~90%RH no dew

Storage Temp:-40~+70 C

Net og'irlik: 120g

Accessory(extra order):CGQ-W9000 temperature sensor